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EXTERNAL JOBMARKETONLINE – Privacy Policy – Version 0.1 – Effective Date: 1st December 2007

This Privacy Policy defines the terms of use of the JOB MARKET ONLINE web tool. Using the JOB MARKET ONLINE web tool implies unconditional and unrestricted acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use the JOB MARKET ONLINE web tool.


Protecting the security and privacy of your Personal Data is important to ArcelorMittal; therefore we conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy protection and data security. In case of any contradiction between this Policy and any applicable law, regulation, guideline issued by any governmental agency, the applicable law or regulation or guideline shall prevail. We hope the policy outlined below will help you understand what data ArcelorMittal may collect, how ArcelorMittal uses and safeguards that data and with whom we may share it.

The e-Resourcing site “JobMarketOnline” is designed and maintained by ArcelorMittal HR Corporate Department and made available to a growing number of entities within the ArcelorMittal Group world-wide, for their own resourcing needs.

The identifiable information about yourself that you provide for a position within ArcelorMittal (the “Candidate Data” or “Data”) via “JobMarketOnline” will be used for recruitment and HR purposes.

“JobMarketOnline” is a web-based resourcing solution for ArcelorMittal entities. “JobMarketOnline” allows on-line job posting for recruiters and hiring managers and gives visibility of open positions across the Group.

“JobMarketOnline” is based on voluntary on-line information provided by Candidates.

The identifiable information about the Candidate that the Candidate provides for a position within ArcelorMittal via “JobMarketOnline” will be collected and processed in accordance with this Policy and shall only be used by ArcelorMittal for the purpose of collecting and processing of your application for an employment position within ArcelorMittal entities, and for matching Candidate’s details with any other employment positions within ArcelorMittal.

“JobMarketOnline” contains links to other web sites (Job Boards) over which we have no control. ArcelorMittal is not responsible for the Privacy Policy or practices of other web sites to which you choose to link from this site.


ArcelorMittal entities will observe the following principles when processing Candidate Data:

Collection of Data The Candidate agrees to provide Personal Data which is in all respects true, accurate and up to date and is not, in any respect, misleading, deceptive or inaccurate or likely to mislead or deceive. Candidate Data includes a standard form with the following field :
- Personal details, Academic qualifications, Career History, Languages, Skills, and Preferences.

The standard form will be completed with additional fields related to each geographical area based on HR requirements according to legal compliance.

Use of Data by Arcelor Mittal entities, Means of data collection:
Candidate personal data is collected for internal use for employment and resourcing purpose.
1) The candidate does not have to give any personal information in order to perform job search.
2) The creation of personal profile will be required before applying for vacancies.
3) The creation of personal profile can be carried out without obligation to apply for vacancies.
4) The Candidate can apply for a position within ArcelorMittal anywhere in the world via the online application system, called “JobMarketOnline”.
5) The Candidate can apply for a specific vacancy or via an open applicant tool.
This information is stored in the central database of “JobMarketOnline”.

The Candidate data may be used by HR of ArcelorMittal entities around the world to match candidates with open vacancies within their part of ArcelorMittal.

Unless the job seeker indicates in the system not to be contacted by HR, HR of ArcelorMittal entities may contact candidates that match the requirements of a job.

HR of ArcelorMittal entities can conduct a free search on the Candidate Data for HR purposes.

The recruitment process is the sole responsibility of the concerned ArcelorMittal entity.

Right to access and to modify

The Candidate can access his personal data at any time from the ArcelorMittal website through the career section.

In the event that the Candidate is provided with a user id and/or password at any time by ArcelorMittal, the Candidate is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of that user id and/or password. The Candidate agrees to immediately notify ArcelorMittal of any unauthorised use of his user id and/or password. Such notifications can be sent to ‘’

The Candidate can modify/delete/update/re-enter his personal data at any time by entering into the system with his login ID and password.

During the period in which ArcelorMittal retains your Personal Data, ArcelorMittal may contact you for the purposes of ensuring your Personal Data is updated.

Limit of data storage
The Candidate agrees to request the removal of Candidate Data if he/she wishes to be excluded from “JobMarketOnline”. Updating and deleting of the data is up to the Candidate. However, HR of ArcelorMittal entities who have access to the database may have retained a copy of your CV in their own files: in this case these managers are directly responsible to treat the copy of your CV in compliance with this Policy.

When the Candidate is hired by an entity of the ArcelorMittal Group, the Candidate will be requested to remove his/her personal data from the central “JobMarketOnline” database.

Without any action from Candidate side on his/her Profile, the data will be stored in ArcelorMittal database for maximum 2 years.

Transfer of Data
JobMarketOnline may be accessed by ArcelorMittal entities world-wide. An adequate level of protection shall be ensured and appropriate security measures shall be taken for Candidate Data that are transferred worldwide between ArcelorMittal entities. In particular, this will be the case in the UAE (Dubaï) where the Candidate Data will be hosted, for technical purposes. In addition, contractors or agencies may be used as part of the recruitment process. They are required to comply with this Policy.

By accepting this Privacy Policy you consent to any such transfer.

Request for information
Request about candidate data storage and use of “JobMarketOnline” can be addressed to